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X1 Pro GNSS Receiver

X1 pro with waterproof capability, large HD color screen, light weight of 870 grams, NFC/Bluetooth and battery life of more than 20 hours is the right choice for you.

Durable design
Battery endurance
for the first time
Various communication channels
X1 pro is integrated with NFC/Bluetooth for quick connection, USB Type-C for charging and upgrading, RS232 serial port for external radio connection and WiFi/4G.
IP68 durable design
It doesn't matter if it's rainy or dusty, or you've accidentally dropped it on concrete or in water, the X1's rugged housing can always protect your device from damage.
More than 20 hours of operation
2.5 hours of fast charging through Type-C interface can support more than 20 hours of continuous work. It can also be charged through a power bank.
Smaller, lighter
With a palm size of Φ133.5 x 67mm and a light weight of 870g, the X1 greatly reduces your burden while maintaining your best mapping experience.
Total station

Experience quality Total Station devices with us!

Unparalleled precision
With high accuracy and precise measurement capability, complete any project with confidence in the results of this device
High speed
The unique design allows you to do your work more quickly and efficiently
easy usage
With a simple and logical user interface, even novice users will easily work with this device


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