Ground mapping

Ground mapping

Preparation of map by geometry using equipment and equipment for measuring area and height such as Total Station. GPS. Theodolite. Meters and… that are done with field operations are called ground mapping.
In terrestrial mapping, the shape, size and dimensions of the features of the area are determined completely by measuring the difference between the surface and the height and reading the available angles and lengths, and it is drawn on the map.

Equipment and tools used in ground mapping
1- Mapping camera
A: Theodolite

Surveying camera with the ability to measure angles and obtain length through geometric relationships, which due to the significant advancement of science and technology in surveying this camera has been produced digitally, which has the ability to be lased by laser and digital display.

B: Level (New)

New surveillance camera used to obtain height differences and alignment levels

A: Total Station

It is one of the advanced surveying cameras with the ability to store lengths and angles and obtain height differences, which by collecting this information can give the surveyor more maneuverability in field operations to give the mapping work more speed and accuracy, and this Mapping camera with its mapping software can easily do various and heavy projects

2- Ground mapping accessories
A: Mapping camera tripod

It is a tool for placing surveying cameras and aligning the camera on a point

B: Jalen

It is used as a tool for extending, implementing and harvesting lengths and angles

A: Charter

Prism or reflector with gallon and Total Station surveying camera is used for harvesting and implementation

T: m

The meter is used in both manual and laser to measure distances and lengths

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