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Repairs and calibration

Maintenance and calibration based on regular monitoring of equipment condition, is a new maintenance strategy that has gained wide acceptance in the global industry, especially geomatics equipment. Applying this method significantly reduces maintenance costs, reduces project downtime and increases efficiency and productivity. Also, the possible damages and breakdowns of the devices are greatly reduced.

In this method, instead of periodic repair and calibration, the condition of the device is monitored continuously in terms of performance, and if the device needs to be repaired and calibrated, it will be done. Also, by recording the device status records and data analysis, the optimal maintenance schedule based on RCM reliability can be achieved. In Condition Monitoring, the key parameters and health characteristics of the device are measured and recorded. Any change in the condition of the device is detected by a change in its characteristic signs and if necessary, it is repaired. Condition Monitoring uses various characteristic signs such as H.V. system performance, electronic system, screws, output precision optical components, data transmission system and.. The equipment and tools used in the repair and calibration department of Fadak Ground Equipment Technology Company have the necessary standards and sufficient accuracy as well as treable.

The experts and technicians of this department are ready to benefit from the latest scientific methods along with years of experience and expertise in repairing and calibrating all types of total stations, GPS, theodolite, level detector, batteries and chargers, military equipment and other geomatics and optics equipment. In addition to providing services in all the mentioned cases, they should provide you with the necessary advice regarding equipment monitoring.