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Total Station Nikon Nivo 3 M


The new Nikon Japan (Total Station) surveillance laser camera series called NIVO3 M without lock (clutch system) is exactly like the Leica camera. Digital numeric keypad (alpha numeric) and the most important feature of this device is the place of two batteries on the body, which allows the battery to be replaced in operation without turning off the device. It has the most powerful and best information processing engine (EDM engine), very fast reading and displaying distance in less than 1 second in MSR mode and 0.5 seconds in TRK mode. Small and light without the need for a vertical lamp Ability to install communication via Bluetooth (can be ordered)

Angle measurement
Angular accuracy “3
Angular display resolution: “0.1
Angle readings with a resolution of 10, 5 and 1 seconds
Two-axis compensator with an accuracy of 1 second and an amplitude of 3 minutes
Distance measurement
In single prism mode: 5000 meters
In the case of non-prism with laser: 300 meters

Prolongation accuracy with the prism
In single prism mode: 3mm + 2ppm
In prismless mode with 5mm + 2ppm laser
Read and display distance in MRS mode: less than 1 second
Reading and displaying distance in TRK mode: 0.5 seconds
General specifications
Telescope: 33X magnification
Keyboard: one side of the word and numeric keypad (12864 pixels LCD)
Read and display distance in less than 1 second in MRS mode and 0.5 seconds in TRK mode
Spherical alignment accuracy 10 ″ / 2mm and electronic alignment 30 ″ / 2mm
Internal memory with a capacity of 10,000,000 information points
Optional optical or laser plumb line
Ability to replace the operating battery of the device without turning off
The operating time of the device is up to 16 hours of continuous operation
Battery charging time 4 hours
One hundred percent water proof
The software
Internal software with professional mapping and computing programs

Charger – Two rechargeable batteries – Total carrying case – One RS232 computer connection cable – Bluetooth connectivity (optional) – Waterproof cover – Data transfer program CD