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Total Station Leica TS06 plus


A model for mapping professional users with a variety of applications:
Topography, urban plan surveying, road construction and route operations, construction operations and many other professional applications that in addition to high accuracy in measuring the length and angle to professional software and various features of the device for fast removal of various features with a large number of points Need designed. Choose this model.

Angular accuracy: “1-” 2- “3-” 5- “7
Angular display resolution: “0.1
Compensator: New type of four-layer Quadraple
Compensator accuracy: “0.5-” 0.5- “1-” 1.5- “2
Distance measurement
In Round Prism mode (Leica GPR1): 3500 meters
In Prism Long mode (Leica GPR1-R500-R1000): 10000 meters
In Round Prism mode (Leica Tape): 500 meters for the R500 model and 1000 meters for the R1000 model
Laser shooting range: 500 meters for R500 model and 1000 meters for R1000 model
Prolongation accuracy with the prism
In Precise + mode (every 2/4 seconds): 1.5mm + 2ppm
In Precise Fast mode (every 2 seconds): 2mm + 2ppm
In Tracking mode (every 0.15 seconds): 3mm + 2ppm
Laser positioning accuracy: up to 500 meters 2mm + 2ppm – up to 1000 meters 4mm + 2ppm
General specifications
Operating system: Windows CE
Telescope: 30X magnification
Focus range: from 1.7m to infinity, with reticular fibers with ten degrees of brightness
Display: Black screen with a resolution of 160 x 288 pixels – with night vision light with five degrees of brightness
Keyboard: Full alphanumeric for one side (second side optional)
Memory: 100,000 fixed points, 60,000 measuring points – external USB memory
Information Format: GSA-DXF-LandXML-CSV-User definable ASCll Formats
Data discharge: with RS232 serial port – USB and USB mini port – Bluetooth up to 150 meters –
Battery: Model GEB211-221 Lithium-ion
Device weight: 5.1Kg with battery and TB
Applicable temperature: 20c to 50c (in polar model -35c)
Environmental standard: IP55 dust and moisture resistant 95%
The software
Installed on device: Survey incl Map View Stake out Station Setup including Local Resection Helmert Resection Orientation (Angles & Coordinates) Height Transfer
Area (Plan & Surface) DTM Volume Calaulation Tie Distance (MLM) Remote Height Hidden Point
Backsight Check Offset Reference Line Reference plane Road 2D Reference Arc COGO
Installable: Road 3D Traverse