inclinometer ACA610T

    ACA610T is a high precision & full temperature compensation single-axis inclinometer with analog voltage output, high-precision 24bit A / D differential converter inside the product, to ensure the the products output voltage signal linearity, and users no need to do linearity correction by themselves in the future , install then to use, stability and reliability ! In addition, because of ACA610T system integrates high-resolution temperature sensor, with the MCU central processing system secondary temperature compensation, full temperature zero drift can be controlled to 0.0008 °/℃ ,normal temperature small measuring range the most accurate up to 0.002 °, in domestic the counterparts products with absolute competitive advantage.
    Non-contact installation features make ACA610T with superior system integration, Simply fix the sensor on the measured surface by screws , then can automatically calculate the object posture inclination, easy to operate, easy to install. Newest MEMS high-technology for production , high-precision, small size, with strong ability resistance to external electromagnetic interference and to withstand shock and vibration, has been widely used in the industrial and military fields !


    Single-axis voltage output inclinometer
    ●Single-Axis Inclinometer
    ●Measuring Range :±1~±90° optional
    ●Wide voltage input: 9~36V
    ●Output interface :0~5V
    ●Wide temperature working: -40~+85℃
    ●High Resolution: 0.001°
    ●Small Volume : L90mm×W50mm×H28mm(customized)


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