inclinometer ACA2200-CAN open

    ACA2200-CANopen is a analog balanced servo inclinometer which manufactured by Rion company, the principle is composed of the non-contact displacement sensor, torque motor, error & amplifier circuit, the feedback circuit and cantilever mass five parts. This series inclinometer accuracy is far superior than the inclinometer relative to the electrolyte principle or the capacitance principle on the nonlinearity,repeatability, hysteresis, temperature drift and working temperature, resistance shock anti-vibration and other properties.Internal integration of the 24 ARM high-end system,resolution  0.0001 ° ,precision 0.001 ° ,temperature drift: 0.0008 ° C / ° ,it is a highly competitive industry product nowadays .Non-contact installation features make ACA2200-CANopen with superior system integration, Simply fix the sensor on the measured surface by screws , then can automatically calculate the object posture inclination, easy to use , no need to find the relative change two surfaces for mounting . With strong ability resistance to external electromagnetic interference and to withstand shock and vibration,in the domestic counterparts products with absolute competitive advantage, specialized in application in the industrial and military fields where the high-end user requirements.

    Dual-axis CAN open output inclinometer
    Dual-Axis Inclinometer
    Measuring Range :±1~±90° optional
    Wide voltage input: 9~36V
    Wide temperature working: -40~+85℃
    Resolution: 0.0001°
    Output mode RS232、RS485、TTL、PWM、CANopen、CAN2.0 are optional


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