Fadak Land Equipment Technology

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Reserve Canopy WP


Reserve WP parachutes have been used together in all H / C productions.

7-cell building (WP 110, WP 130, WP 150, WP 175, WP 210, WP 260 and WP 370) This series allows you to fly comfortably and smoothly with a very smooth and stress-free landing.

The carrying straps used in the canopy are very powerful micro lines with a capacity of 745 lbs, steering lines – 1000 lbs.

Model WP 260A has a 9-cell structure with 1000 lbs carrying straps, steering lines – 1000 lbs.

The air permeability of hemp fabric is equal to 0-3 cmf ..

All canapés comply with TSO C 23d

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