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Date of establishment: 1374/07/04

Activity Description: Design, reverse engineering, technical knowledge development, manufacturing and production of Hi-Tech industrial parts and assemblies

Objectives of the company: The policy of countries with technology, in the exploitation of developing countries by acquiring them with specialized and technological equipment and creating a monopoly in the field of technical support and services and years of experience of active and effective presence of senior executives in various industries and special attention The hidden wealth of the country in the field of specialized manpower and the increasing development of technology in the world, along with various engineering software as well as financial resources lost in inefficient and intermediate businesses, led us to study medium and small industrial capacities in the private sector. To create efficient, productive and reliable of them in the form of a single management called technology chain management in the fields of design, engineering and manufacturing.

Confidence in the capability and experience of the golden generation of engineering in the country, which are equipped with modern software knowledge of designing, analyzing various complex systems, is promising for the self-sufficiency of the country's national industries.

Fadak Ground Equipment Technology Company has taken effective and significant steps during its years of activity with the slogan of “unremitting effort for the honor and pride of Islamic Iran” and the successful experiences of the company’s managers in delivering medium and large projects in the oil and gas and air industries. And space and some military industries have persuaded us to continue this path according to the following characteristics:

Continuous identification of talented, expert and research forces and university professors with a strong vision of engineering design and construction in various fields;
Identification of technological products in oil, gas, petrochemical and Hi-Tech industries;
Identify and focus on engineering design bottlenecks in these industries;
Quality control and product performance assurance;
Development of technical knowledge, design and manufacture of Hi-Tech parts and assemblies;
Providing services entitled “Detailed design of industrial product from needs assessment to inspection of manufacturing and production” in such a way as to ensure the correct and perfect operation of the product.

Knowledge and Technology Chain Management: The accumulation of wealth and assets of the private sector, which are mainly active in small and medium-sized industries, to purchase machinery and use this equipment incompletely and limited in purely specialized areas, their role in industrial development of developing countries is very small. And its repetition by homogeneous collections has brought about an industrial recession in this sector.

The new, effective and useful model used by developed countries in this regard is to consolidate and use the small capacities of this section of investors and craftsmen by creating specialized chains and networks for related technologies.

A brief look at the history of each of these small and medium-sized industries shows that the training of skilled manpower in each sector is one of their requirements, and economic constraints and sometimes mismanaging policies have isolated them and the withdrawal of each of these assets. From the industry, he needs to spend new money on another part to train him for a new mission.

The company has created three independent and specialized networks in the country to have the existing capacities in the manufacture and production of Hi-Tech industrial parts and assemblies by careful and expert study on this subject.