About Us

FADAK Land Equipment Technology Company established in 26 September 2005 for optimizing and improving systems, engineering & researching in geo-systems and precision measurement technologies fields.

FADAK is an industry-leading supplier of surveying equipment and precision measurement technologies based in the IRAN.

Supporting professionals across a diverse range of industries – from Engineering and Construction, to Archaeology and Aviation – we sell equipments and accessories, as well as providing comprehensive service, technical support and training.

We have developed our activities coincided with an increase abilities and hardware and software features. That’s why we have established two parts other in FADAK.

Aviation equipments.

Hard transporter cases.

This company currently has sales and after-sales services in the fields:

Surveying Equipment


Hard Transporter cases:

Wonderful and Everest

Level sensor and North Finder

RION Technology

Parachute and Aviation accessories

MarS a.s. Jevíčko

In around of the IRAN.

Whatever industry sector you’re operating in, precision measurement technology has an increasingly major part to play when it comes to future-proofing your business and protecting your investments. As a supplier in an industry that is constantly evolving in its drive towards collaboration and legitimate interoperability, we understand our responsibility to our customer base to provide the link between precision technology and its shifting significance within the wider industry supply chain.
Working to ISO / AS Standards, we deliver the highest quality and most cost effective solutions to our customers.

Already our company is active in 4 independent divisions:

1- Sales and after-sales service of surveying equipment

2- Design and production of hard transport cases

3- Sales and after-sales service of parachute and Aviation accessories

4- Sales and after-sales service level sensor types and North Finder

All the 4 divisions are united together to provide the best customer service and a good business relationship with great companies around the world.

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