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What is a photogrammetric map?

The science and technique of changing and measuring a photo in order to collect information and features to prepare a photogrammetric map.

In the photogrammetric method, images of the desired place and point are prepared using airplanes and drones designed for this purpose. In order to be able to extract from the heights from the images and photos, the desired photos must have sufficient coverage of These photos are length and width. These photos are converted into maps after going through different stages and performing the necessary calculations and processing and using special equipment, devices and software.

At present, aerial photography in Iran is performed by the National Surveying Organization and the Geographical Organization of the Armed Forces and photogrammetry consulting companies.


Employer: Housing Foundation of the Islamic Revolution of Sistan and Baluchestan Province

Project location: Zahak city (Zabol)

Area: 500 hectares (urban)

Project type: performing registration mapping operations to issue a document by photogrammetric method

Project start date: Winter 2017

Completion date of the project: Summer 1397