Roads and railways

Studies and road design between farms
Client: Agricultural Jihad of Sistan and Baluchestan Province

Mapping and designing the route between agricultural lands and villages to facilitate the transportation of agricultural products, which are destroyed and blocked during sandstorms and rains, and farmers face great difficulties in transporting and selling their products.
By designing, mapping and proposing new and low-cost designs, we have been able to take an effective step in the province with the best software and specialists.

Project location: Zabol city and villages under the subdivision (Adimi _ water slope _ Miankangi _ Jazink _ Zahak)
Start date of the project: Spring 2010
Completion date of the project: Summer 2010

Mapping and studies of Taftan mountain road located in Khash city in 2003
Mapping and execution of Ladiz to Andeh road with a length of 10 km located in Mirjaveh city in 2005
Studies and implementation of the proposed road access road to Karvandar Dam located on Iranshahr-Khash road
Mapping, studies and implementation of the road from Zabol to Nusrat Abad

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